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IT Collections offers

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What we do . . .

IT Collections computer equipment recycling and collection service will include any of the following tailored to your company's needs:

  • Responsible computer disposal
  • Safe and secure Data destruction
  • On site collection
  • All Legal certification
  • Free registration with the EA
  • Free on site consultations
  • Flexible collection times

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What we recycle . . .

  • Computer base units
  • All types of computer monitors
  • Apple Macs
  • Laptops
  • Servers
  • Any unwanted IT equipment
  • Printers
  • Copiers
  • Scanners
  • Cameras & Projectors
  • Cables & accessories

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ABOUT US . . .

IT Collections was established over 15 years ago, we specialise in computer equipment recycling and electrical office equipment re-use and recycling.

Having clients throughout the UK,we are a midlands based company. We are registered with the environment agency as a carrier and broker of waste and hold a EA Site permit for the removal and recycling of WEEE designated waste.

Other registrations include status as a designated collection facility and we are registered with the Information Commissioners Officer in relation to Data Protection.

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Computer Recycling

When old computer equipment is replaced, many people simply throw their old computers away. The computer will then end up in a landfill site probably with all your data still on it for anybody who wants it!

Responsible Computer Recycling for FREE

The WEEE (Waste Electrical And Electronic Equipment) directive was introduced in January 2007 in order to try and reduce the amount of electrical equipment being dumped in land fills and encourage responsible computer recycling and green computing.

IT Collections make responsible Computer Recycling relatively simple. Once you no longer want the computer, we (IT Collections) will ensure that all data has been securely removed from the computer to the point where it can no longer be recovered.

Once the data has been removed the recycling process starts. The computer is dismantled with all of the plastics and metals being recovered and recycled, valuable components will be removed for re-use where possible, and the rest of the computer either crushed or shredded.

Responsible computer equipment recycling not only allows the metals and plastics to be recovered, but also any valuable working components are reused where possible to either fix existing computers or as test or training equipment for maintenance and repair companies that need broken equipment to test or train with.

As well as computer equipment recycling IT Collections can also recycle other electrical equipment such as printers, photocopiers and phones which are no longer required.

All of our computer equipment recycling services provide you with the legally required paperwork to prove that you have disposed of your computer equipment correctly and legally.

IT Collections can provide all of the above services at no cost to you, making resposible computer recycling a relatively simple and safe way to legally dispose of your unwanted equipment.